How to find Brother Inkjet Production Date

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The newest generation of cartridges from Brother LC-101 and LC-103 now have a chip and with each new production batch of printers brother manufactures, they change the firmware on their printers.

We now carry Version 3 chip for Brother LC-103 compatibles.

Which cartridge (version) works with which printer (production date)?
2014 06 XX and before: Any version will work. (V.1, V.2, V.3)
2014 07 XX – 2014 12 XX: Cartridges Version 2 and after. (V.2, V.3)
2015 01 XX and after: Cartridges Version 3 (V.3)
How do we find the production date of a printer?
Please see attached pictures to find out how to find the production date of a printer.
Brother Date Brother Date Zoom