WorldColor 24"

24inch printer shaker New Upgraded Models 1

Printer Package   $15,000 - $20,000

What’s included:

Description Quantity
Printer Stand 1
Bottle of 1L White Ink 2
Bottle of 1L Cyan Ink 1
Bottle of 1L Magenta Ink 1
Bottle of 1L Yellow Ink 1
Bottle of 1L Black Ink 1
TPU Powder 5 Kg 1
Maintop Software 1
Shaker Oven 1
Portable Air filter to use with the Shaker 1
24" film roll (100 meters) 1

Printer Specifications:

Model 2 Head (W2070-3Pro) and 4 Head (S8074-3) Models
Print head type 2pcs - 4pcs Epson i3200-A1
Print head speed 2 Head Model: 4 passes : 14m^2/h, 6 passes : 8m^2/H, 8 passes : 6m^2/H
4 Head Model: 4 passes : 26m^2/h, 6 passes : 18m^2/H, 12 passes : 6m^2/H
Nozzle quantity 3200 Nozzles
Print Height 2-5mm (adjustable)
Ink Type Pigment ink
INK color C M Y K W
Printer width 24 inches
Printing Material (film) Pet film (hot or cold peel)
Software Maintop Software (included)
Dryer way External independent drying system
Assembled Printer size ***cm wide x ***cm deep x ***cm high
Shipping size: 2 Head Model: 210cm x 88cm x 75cm
4 Head Model: 230cm x 76cm x 87cm

Shaker Specifications:

Working neatly alongside the printer, the shaker works as an additional integrated unit to complete the DTF printing process prior to heat transfer onto the chosen media.

Model: DF 700L
Shipping size: 231cm*115cm*128cm, 366KG
Assembled size: 185 cm long * 115 cm max width * 128cm height
Heating system: 1400W (intelligent temperature control)

What you should know:

Operating Environment: Temperature: 18°C to 24°
Humidity: 40% to 60%
Electrical Power: A/C 220V 50HZ/60HZ, 1400W

Model: W2070-3Pro

24inch Upgraded 2 Head Model
Length: 110cm
Height 102cm
Depth 77cm
Height from ground to printer 54cm
Film area 43cm

Model: DF-700L

Length area: ???cm
Height ???cm
Max width ???cm
Film tray to printer ???cm
Film roller at the end of shaker ???cm
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